Open Cargo Market

Platform allow that mining companies could trade their products & get connections IRT via emails or chats with traders or brokers in order to set up a cargo trading business.

Brokerage & Chartering

Our company offers specialized consulting services to organize the necessary means and requirements in maritime transport. In addition, we offer customized solutions for any other special requirements in the sector.

Minimizing the Risks

We maintain a black and white list of member companies and actively monitor any discrepancies to maintain a fraud-free market. We also actively monitor any discrepancies or failures reported by members to maintain market integrity.

Bill of lading & Cargo Manifest on Sale

We offer a section with a list of BL for sale to find underway cargoes on vessels. Buyers can negotiate the best deal with carriers to deliver the goods to a predetermined destination.


Sale/Buy Underway's Cargo

Authorized members can open a load for shipment on the spot or COA market and add loads in real time to find the best freight at the best price.

Professionals Additional Services

We offer independent cargo inspections performed by professional service providers to ensure customer satisfaction and meet cargo specifications.

Open Sea Freight

Enables the connection between mining companies, trading, brokers, shipping lines and shipowners for the trade of bulk minerals and cargo shipments. Members can find suitable vessels and negotiate bill of ladings of cargoes underway worldwide.

Be a Member

Our platform allows members to connect directly to quote and order products and transportation. Only members can access information and find official representatives, traders, investors and shipowner brokers. All this happens in real time with global options available.


On the OSF platform, users can find useful information from verified and reliable sources in real time. In addition, they can interact with verified company representatives and brokers to conduct secure and appropriate transactions.

Great Bussiness Solutions

Increase transparency, and run a more efficient commercial operation by connecting market representatives reducing intermediaries in the supply chain.


Market Database on Real Time

We provide to our customers with real-time product information optimizing interactions with producers and martime companies.


Geniuos and Global Acces

Extend multi-acces opportunities and multi-broker partnerships to your company.




Earn time & Effort

Get sale or buy your Product in bulk and put it underway talking with real representatives and in the shortest possible time always maganing the risk of your organization getting in contact with qualified representatives.


Be Professional and Smart

Contact trusted professionals through our database to manage your company securely and succeed in your business relationships.

Get in touch with us

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